Driver / BIOS for HI10 CWI515


i want to upgrade to Windows 1903 from 1809 but stuck every time due tu several Net-Framework issues via Windows Update. Are there any newer Build or drivers necessary to perform this update?
My Serial: Q64G42160401795

Do you have a new driver package also BIOS file?

It is necessary to have the previous version fully updated before moving on to the next one. In case you have not been able to update some packages of these updates, my advice is to obtain a multi-language Windows 10 Home pendrive from the official Microsoft site with the media management tool (not ISO).
Once you have it, with Windows on, insert the USB stick into the USB port and in the file explorer open the window of the USB device and click on setup.
The Windows installation program will start and from the menu choose update Windows. Let the process finish and your Windows will be updated to the latest version.

Don’t touch the Bios

Thanks for your answare. Home is necessary or is pro version also possible?
Are there also any newer drivers?

Only Windows 10 Home will be activated automatically during installation as the password is on the motherboard. Windows 10 Pro installation is possible, but to be activated, you must have a Windows 10 Pro password.
The process is the same and the update of Home to Pro does not require any installation, just change the product key in the system options.

If there are new drivers, they will be automatically updated in Windows

I had to format everathing and delete all partitions. Now Windows is installed but i still need drivers for Touchscreen ect…

I there, the link doesn’t work, can you give me the drivers for windows?
And can someone tell me what should i do to only have windows on the H10 CWI515? i have multi boot, but i just want the windows installed.

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Thanks for the reply, the tutorial says windows 10 64 bits, if i want to install the 32bits, its the same?

@manonegra222, i installed the win10, like you told me to do, but i want the 32bits version, not the 64bits.
How can i install it?
Everytime that i boot with a pen of win10 32bits, I’m getting a error

@manonegra222, some help please?

Sorry, I’m on vacation. I will try to give you an answer tomorrow

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Hi, did you forgot about me?:slight_smile:

Did you follow the instructions in the image?

Yes, but i can only install 64bits version of windows, i need the 32bits for some programs to work.
If i try to install the 32bits version, i’m getting that error on picture above
What can i do?

@manonegra222 do you want to help me?
If you don’t know how to help, just tell.

As there are applications that do not work with the 64-bit system because they were created for the 32-bit architecture, installing a 32-bit operating system on a computer with a 64-processor can lead to incompatibilities, decrease in available ram memory, and Virtual memory limitations that cause the system or applications to malfunction. I advise you to read, translating into your language, this article:

@manonegra222 I know that, but i really need the 32bits version on the tablet.
If i want to install windows 10 32 btis on my pc(it have a 64bits processor), i can do that easily, but on the tablet, i’m getting that error.
if you or someone else helps me, I would be grateful.