Hi10 Pro Win10 Driver or Bios update useful?

my model is LQ64G42170203745
Unfortunately you’ve no table with product number or ranges to easy select right files…
Is it right that the leading H, P or my L of the product number isn’t important? The important part of my model is 64G421702 ?
My device run’s with stock Android 5.1 and Win10. Win10 is currently successfull updated via windows to V1903. The things I need are working at the time, may be 4G or SD are are’nt ok and Wifi is very slowly. The Pen doesn’t work as expected - at Win10 and at Android it seams to be not more as a mouse replacement. At t the keyboard - changed to german with stickers at the key’s i can not found some characters (btw. ><) at win the are some of the drivers described as old.

  1. should I upgrade to a newer Bios
  2. are there newer driver for Win10 which I should install?
  3. should I upgrade to a fresh and newer Android (but is there a newer?)
  4. what is the correct keybord selection
  5. are there newer pen related drivers to use different drafting pressures or are there special apps for Win or Android? Or it is only another mouse?
    Thanks, Lu
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One answer: No to everything

  1. Never update the Bios. There are no updates but new bios for different versions of the tablet. Using a wrong Bios will leave the device unusable.
  2. Windows updates will provide the most up-to-date drivers. Nothing to do manually.
  3. There is no newer Android for this model. You can only get cooked versions of Android 6 such as Lineage OS or CM12 or CM13
  4. The correct keyboard selection is the one you have chosen. Only if there is a German-International keyboard in the Windows options will you be able to use your keyboard without stickers. For the <> symbols you must use a script that located in the Windows startup path, will allow the use of them by pressing a key combination. Below I put the link and the path where you should place the .exe file by pressing Ctrl, and Ctrl. will get <&>
  5. HiPen H2 does not have the power of pressure levels. There is nothing to do to improve this.


Path: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

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Thank you for your quick and helpful answer. You’re right with 1 & 2 - Win10 works as expected and updates are no problem. The missing Android upddates are the same problem as at allmost all such consumer devices.
Thanks for helpful tip with keyboard! I’ll try it instead calling onscreen keyboard.
Also thanks for clarification what’s possible with the HiPen H2.
Now I’ve decided to remove all Android partitions, move’d Efi-Partion at start of disk, followed by win-system-partition and recovery.

At the resulting free space I’ve installed a fresh Ubuntu-Mate 19.10 to give it a try and to have an alternative. It seams to run out of the box only without touchscreen support - I’m working to get it running, but HiPen2 seams to be not recognized.
If you good guys don’t like to update to a safer new Android (like all the other) it would be helpful to get the few missing firmware drivers for the silead touchscreen (here at my device “mssl0017.fw” ?) and the pen :sleepy:
The free linux option give this Chuwi devices a great push for not having to use win or an unsafe Android…

Great support forum!

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