Minibook not going into tablet mode when screen bent back 180 degrees

hi I recently wiped my minibook and put new version of windows 10 pro,all drivers seem to be loaded apart from when I bend back screen in yoga mode it does not disable keyboard and mouse also windows does not ask to switch to tablet mode any ideas would be very appreciated

Did you installed the drivers or did you just leave it to the windows update? You need to manualy install all drivers.

i let windows install on first reboot,then used a command line to auto install known minibook drivers in a file i downloaded but need to know where that particular driver is installed so i can replace it

It can be chipset, power management or video driver.

ok thanks for your help still need to identify where this needs to be installed,i thought it might have been in HID drivers still searching for answer

so there’s still no possible way?

found the way. update the bosch accelerometer driver with the driver package given by @management.