Minibook X N100 built in keyboard not work

I am a user using CHUWI MINIBOOK X 2023 N100.
While reinstalling WINDOWS, the keyboard and touchpad suddenly stoped working.
After checking, the keyboard works on CMOS screen, but does not work on the Booting and Windows screen.
What I have done so far is to download and install Windows from the Microsoft website, and I have also downloaded and installed the OS from the CHUWI website, but the symptoms are the same.

Can you confirm whether the problem in question is a hardware problem or a software problem?

Is there any way I can check this (ex>install CMOS firmware,etc)?

It is a problem generated by you when you reinstall Windows without having taken the precaution of obtaining a copy of the initial system drivers so that all non-Intel devices work. You will have to get the drivers and reinstall them manually.

Thank you.
However, it was not an error in that area.
When I disassembled the laptop, I found that the keyboard connection cable was slightly disconnected. and when I put it back in, it worked normally.
thank you
However, the touchpad does not work due to a problem with the cable of the touchpad part during assembly.
Does anyone know the specifications of the touchpad cable?

If you still have the computer open, maybe you can send me a picture so i can try to explain this to tech

I took it apart again yesterday to take pictures of the cables.
I disassembled the cable, took pictures, straightened the bent part of the cable, and reassembled it.
After assembly, the touchpad worked normally.
thank you

that is great. Thank you for updating