Minibook x - when connecting original charger, it shuts down

I love the form factor of the minibook x, but i am really tired of its issues.

the latest in this saga is that now i can’t use the main port to charge. Whenever i connect to the main charging entrance, it shuts down. Either with the original cable charger, or any other that carries voltage/power.

If i connect the cable, before tunrning on the minibook x, it turns on the led becomes red, and it turns on fine. but it doesn’t charge.

For now i still have the other port , but i really would like this solved.

Could this be a case where replacing the usb-c entrance would solve it? i

That’s really strange, never had a laptop fail like this. It could be a bad connection on the port but I dunno. Could be a weird firmware issue maybe?

Try going into BIOS and plugging in the charger then, to see if it also shuts down. That would avoid any possible issues with drivers or windows.

Hi mobby, it still happens, probably some little connector bent inside the port… will have it replaced one of these days