My laptop (Corebook xpro) isnt working

Yesterday I turned on the laptop and it worked fine, leaving it on the desktop, I walked away for 5 minutes. When I arrived, the laptop was on the splash screen then I restarted the laptop and it was on the same splash screen, after which it didn’t even make a sound. please help me i dont know what to do

Hello Kokapuk, welcome to the forum.

Best to do is to create a Media USB drive from Windows 10/11 (Depending of which system you have installed) and run the recovery tool.

Download Windows 10 (

Then, try to recovery your Windows startup.

If i have license windows 11,is it will work?

And can u also send a windows 11 recovery link, or Download link

Hello Komapuk,

As you can see in the link I sent, you can in the top bar click in Windows and select Windows 11. This way, you create the drive for W11 instead of W10. This should work.

Download Windows 11 (


Also, to install Windows, do i need to open bios?

Because, when i tried to open it by clicking fn+f2 it didnt opened, after i clicked all keys at keyboard, it showed me screen
Click delete or escape to open (i clicked
and it tried to open” But after like 10 mins, bios didnt opened

Hello Komapuk,

Usually, DEL key should work to go to BIOS setup and then change order of boot to put USB drive first.