Need Drivers for CoreBox

Ok, its a very new purchase, i even havent used for a full day, and already found issues and spend already FULL day to solve the problem without success. Thats why i am here.
Well, the strange situation is that i wouldnt come here if i didnt need to attach my external drive ( mechanical 256 GB Hard drive, set up into a usb box with usb cable ).
The strange matter, that brings me here in this forum, i meet for first time ever in my 24 years of each day pc experience. The only matter i was not familiar was that now with my CoreBox i use the W10, and in my entire experience i still have been used (just) W7 x64 ( Yes, my business is just fine with that ).
I did a present for myself and decided 2022 will be the year i will migrate to W10 with such a sweet pc like Chuwi CoreBox: CHUWI CoreBox Windows 10 Mini PC,Intel Core i5-8259U, 16GB+512GB, 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet / 4K Decoding × 1
The issue:
When i attach the external hard drive, the Windows start connecting, then disconneting, then connecting and then disconnecting the device… Yes, non stop.
I did my best in the last 24 hours, read so much info, and what i discovered was that i can not find a way for my external hard drive to connect properly.
The only few times i did it, ( connected to the CoreBox properly ) was when i go to Safe Mode ( where its inmost cases connected just fine ), then to restart to Normal mode, and voala, i have my external drive connected. Most of the time, when i restart the Windows, it still stay connected, until i unplug it, and then replug… it start again to connect, disconnect, and over and over and over again.
The HDD is just fine, I still have my other working station ( a laptop ) where this external drive i never ever had any type of similar "not able to connect properly " issues.

So I ask someone, from the authority here, let me first have access to whole pack of drivers related to my machine, because i think Chuwi must finally insert a page “Support//Download Drivers” in this beautiful site.
I will want to try to reinstall some of the drivers, maybe the chipset drivers too ( i am not sure ), some other drivers and so on, not only for my problem to solve, but for the reason i have paid for a hardware, assuming i will have access to its own original software. Am i correct i have such rights?
Little bit confused for the matter i still cant find anybody writing about this particular product ( CoreBox , not X, not Pro, not any other letters, just simply CORE BOX ). Didnt expect noone have coming around with this exact product as mine…
The question, are there any problems with flash drives attached to the usb ( 3.0 ) , the answer is NO, there is no problem to attach any flash drive, and it connects just fine.

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

ZCoBox | W1H211102347
There is something like : “Type:CWI526” too, written on another line

Hello, there are drivers and tutorials in it, please try to install after downloading, thank you

Chuwi Service, Thank you for your fast responce!! Appreciate this.
Downloaded whole pack you from the link.
Shortly, these files just didnt help me. I even didnt get a normal way or making some changes to my recent drivers, cause the OS always did reply with " your recent driver for this device is the best, so no need to change … "
So back to my “external drive connecting disconnecting” problems: yes it still exsists.
The news: I upgraded to Windows 11. And yes, the problem still exsist.
As i dont have constantly free time to try to continue investigating, when i meet something new, i will get back here to write again.
For now thanks!

Hello, little of my experience to share to all you are coming around my post:
My CoreBox looks fine with windows 11.
The issue with the external drive not connecting, I already left away. Its ( the hard drive that cant connect by usb from outside to the machine ) now connected to the motherboard and works like a charm. So why this issue appeared and made me fall into troubles for several days? My personal opinion is: reason is in the low POWER capability of the USB hub (or whatever this hardware is named). Why NOONE helped me with a qualified explanation, I just cant understand… So many specialists, so many gurus all around here…
So for me, this problem I can say “solved” by myself. Conclusion is: I CAN NOT make my particular hard drive WDC WD2500BEVS-60UST0 put into an usb box and attached ( by usb ) to CoreBox to work. Simply cant work ( well… sometimes it worked, its explained up there already, but thats not a normal working condition )
To repeat: these pack of drivers which are sent to me attached in the upper reply post, didnt help, but I think they may help someone else. Thanks for all people who came to read and reply this post.
CHUWI authorities must make “Support/ download” section for the growing numbers of fans ( purchasers ) of their nice products, thats my advice after all!
Yes, I like my CoreBox ( for now )