On connection to PC, "HiPad X" folder is not writeable

Hi there,
I just received my brand new HiPad X, and wanted to connect to my Windows10 PC, using the provided USB cable.

  1. On the cable plug-in, the Windows file explorer shows me only an empty “HiPad X” folder, as shown here:
  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to put anything into that folder, or to watch the HiPad’s internal file structure. It looks like a default folder authorization settings to be set on the Tablet prevents from transferring files to it.

→ Does someone know how to enable that, and if no specific settings regarding folder authorizations does exist, how to transfer data between my HiPad X and my PC?
Thanks for your help.

Dear Didier,
The reason why you did not get write access to your tablet’s files from your PC file explorer is that you did not specify how your USB connector should be used, when you plugged it to your PC.
So, as soon as you plug it to your PC, a notification should pop-up, asking you for how you would use it.
This leads to that form

Here, select “media device (MTP)”, and here you are… all your tablet’s files should now be displayed from your PC’s file explorer.

This is more generally explained here