Portatil Chuwi cwl529 | no accede a bios

Gracias por tu tiempo, ahora falta el archivo bin :grinning:

El El lun, 4 nov 2019 a las 20:56, manonegra222 自 CHUWI | Official Forum chuwi@discoursemail.com escribió:

si tienes telegram te puedo pasar el alias del técnico, está en Murcia y si no eres capaz de hacerlo te lo puede hacer él

@Management Please, we need the link for downloading the LapBook Air Bios with serial number: La Air Q128G801712013757

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Sorry for the late reply. forum cannot be opened these days due to server problems.
this is the link:

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Is this possible to programe the chip without soldering using the clip only.

What is diference between bios from that link and this bios N1410AL_TE6_A0L3MWC3_INTEL_Z002 which is better to programme for chuwi lapbook air

Different product serial Numbers have a corresponding BIOS.BIOS must correspond to their own version of the device, otherwise the device will become a brick.

Please send me bios for my device I need unbrick SN La Air Q128G80170800666

Why do you need BIOS?Your device can not flash the BIOS, it will cause to delete the key if you installed.

I updated with wrong bios and brick my device so threre no way I must programme chip manualy with correct bios.

Unfortunately, any device with the wrong BIOS needs to be repaired.please contact aftersale@chuwi.com.

Hello. I need BIOS + EC for CHUWI CWl529 La Air Q128G80170800247. Thank.

write to service@chuwi.com