Powerbank as primary battery (Gemibook Pro)

Windows 10 can disable the internal battery of the laptop as primary power source. I would like do this with my Chuwi Gemibook Pro, and I would like to use a powerbank as primary power source. Could this be possible? I have found a powerbank that could be used as primary source: Elecjet PowerPie P20 (USB C 3.0 PD PPS. Output: 5V=3A,9V=3A,12V=3A,15V=3A,20V=2.25A (PD) 4.4V-11V=4.05A (PPS) @45W Max).
Would you share yours opinions about this device and its use as primary power source?

Just answered… Just done. I have already did it, and it runs! A great way to extend battery life of this laptop ×7 ('cause I only use the internal battery 1 time per week…)