USB-C port (PD) not charging on Gemibook 13 - USB-C PD support?

Evening all, I’ve just received my Gemibook13 (Bought via banggood) However I’m having an issue getting it to charge from the USB-C port. I’ve tried 3 different chargers; one PD wall charger, Anker powerport atom PD1, a xiaomi power adaptor that supports 12v, 2.25A, and a battery bank with PD support up to 60w none of which are being recognised by the laptop. I have done some tests on the port and can confirm it is working for data transfer and is also supplying power OUT but will not accept power IN to charge.

The official specs mention PD USBC support however i’ve seen some conflicting reports on the web mentioning that the USB-C DOESN’T support it?

Not sure if this has any relevance but I’ve checked the BIOS and noticed an option for “USB TypeC” under >SYSTEM COMPONENT> that is Disabled & greyed out.-

Device manger drivers appear to be up to date.

If anyone has any tips or advice on this it would be much appreciated.

I got the same thing with my Gemibook. I bought usb-c to usb-c cable and pd charger so I could take advantage of usb-c charging. But it doesnt work. Disappointed. Read that more people also got this “problem”. Wonder if its something that can be fixed with a bios update? Gonna try and mail chuwi directly and ask because if it doesnt have usb-c pd charging support its false advertising.