Can we charge this laptop with pd charger?

Does this Laptop support really pd charging?
have someone already test it? how many Watts?
Has it git a limit?

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Hello, yes you can use pd charger. You need 30w mini i think. It’s working for me.

Yes, you can charge via USB C port, the changer must support 12v output.
I’m using this one from Amazon: Sumvision 65W PD USB C Charger Plug Dual Port Quick Charge GaN Compact Smart Travel Fast Wall Charger for Apple Macbook Pro iPad iPhone Laptops Tablets Android Nintendo (UK DESIGN UK TECH SUPPORT): Electronics & Photo

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nice. i have also found some cheaper and with the same watt output from 12v. you can look at Oneplus charger 65w about 12 or more euros.
for 25watts i have found also something with price les than 8 Euros

when it comes, i will write my feedback.

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That’s right.
I bought a cheap “hama” with “power delivery” in sale which only supports up to 9V/ 3A and it didn’t work, but even break the adapter. However the GemiBook is still fine:

Now I bought another one supporting 12V output and hope for the best…

I bought a new car charger…

…and with this one it worked like a charm (I own the GemiBook with USB Type C enabled in BIOS (2.20.1273 (2021))).
Now it charges like this (at 12 V car battery):

It came and i have test it. (2 Ports 48W USB Type C Quick Charge 3.0 QC PD Phone Charger QC3.0 18W PD3.0 30W Fast Charger For iPhone 13 12 Pro Max 11 Xiaomi|Mobile Phone Chargers| - AliExpress)
It charges the laptop a littlie bit faster as the normal charger. it supposed to charge with 30watt (12V2,5A).

When i tried to use it throught usb type c hubs (i have two differnt models), it did not worked with the same cable and charger.

i have the same hub connected between the charger and a smartphone and it works and charge it. thats means, that is a driver problem from laptop.

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Hi @notisjunior, nice charger you got from AliExpress.
Regarding the charger set you described, I think it’s possible the problem do not be on laptop driver.
The hub is the men in the middle, it can work with a limited PD power profiles like PD chargers does.
Smartphones are in the most cases on profile 1 (5V, 2A, 10W). The notebooks, depending on its sizer are in profiles 2, 3 or even 4(20V, 3A, 60W).
So, in the PD standard, the set (charger + cables + hub + notebook) are limited to work on the smallest max profile which compose the charge path. So, if your setup works with a smartphone, it doesn’t mean it will work with your laptop. It’s more one possibility you can consider to solve the problem.