Gemibook pro 14 - USB-C problem

hello, i bought a new gemibook pro 14, after about a month i got a usb-c hub and wanted to plug in a few things, i found that usb-c only works to charge the phone, all other things don’t work. When I turn on the computer, it always throws us a usb power surge error, which I can’t turn off. I updated all the drivers, but the error still remains. Does anyone else have a problem? on aliexpress unfortunately i can no longer open a dispute. The computer is useless without usb-c

Look here

Why are you trying to charge up from the usb port, when you can do it with the power cable.

In the description for gemibook you can read

"Full-featured USB-C And Full Interface
Equipped with full function USB-C interface, it supports audio, video and data transmission, it also supports PD2.0 fast charging, one hour can be full of 60% of the power.In addition, there are many interfaces such as USB-A 3.0*1, 3.5mmheadphone jack, M.2 SSD extension, Micro-SD, etc. "

So charging on USB-Board should work. But I’m not able to charge my Gemibook with USB-C.

I have the same problem. USB-Port is even not enabled in the BIOS, and I cannot enable it. So even data transfer is not possible.
And to answer to chicken 1: it would be useful to be able to charge from a power bank while not at home

apparently it’s a serial error because I met another person with the same error. The computer is useless without a working usb-c, because I can’t use all the connectors. on support, I provided instructions and a link to reload windows, but the error appears as soon as it is turned on. Aliexpress officially a chuwi seller, wants me to send the computer to Spain for service at my expense. I hope for some favorable solution

same problem here with a gemibook 13.
I’ve bought it by the official store from aliexpress too.
It’s a great trouble because without usb C port available, I can’t charge from a power bank for the example.

I contacted the seller who gave me a contact from the service in Spain edawls, I sent the computer there. The computer has been under repair for more than 50 days, the service responds to my emails that there is no spare part and therefore they cannot repair the computer and that it will be repaired when they receive it. Now I’m a little worried about whether I’ll ever get a computer again. Given that this is a brand new computer, I would expect a faster solution to the problem. In Europe, the consumer law is that if a product is not repaired within 45 days, it must be replaced with a new product. But chuwi does not reply to any of my sent mail I don’t know what to do.