USB C charging keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly

Hi there,

I have been trying to charge my gemibook pro through usb C since I have broken the regular charger I got with the laptop. Unfortunately, the charging through usb c keeps disconnecting and reconnecting constantly. I am using PD charger 65W (through usb c) with output 12v/2.75A and usb c cable with 100w PD delivery. the laptop charges perfectly when it’s powered off though. Is this problem related to drivers since I have upgraded laptop to Windows 11 or do I need to get more powerful PD USB C charger. Any thoughts and help on this issue would be much appreciated.



I am also using GemiBookPro.
Here are the products I have prepared

In my environment, charging continues normally both during PC startup and shutdown.

The only difference is that the charger and the cable I am using are 3A products.

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