GemiBook Plus PD/USB-C charging not working?

I just got the “GemiBook Plus” 15.6 and PD3.0 via usb-c is not working?

I have a QC4+/PD3.0 charger that can do 12V/3A yet none of the USB-C ports actually charges the laptop, only the barrel-jack works?

I see that the older 2021 GemiBooks support charging via USB-C, so whats going on with the “GemiBook Plus” ?

According to this: Elevate Your Experience GemiBook Plus 15.6 Inch Laptop

“1*USB-A 2.0,Type-C(Support data transmission, do not support charging)”

As @akajester have said this laptop does not have full function in Type C USB, i checked here in the office.