Received wrong laptop model


Knowing there are issues with Chuwi support, I am writing also this message here.

I received GemiBook with J4115 processor (as seen on a label on the box) instead of J4125. The laptop was sold as:
“CHUWI GemiBook 13’'IPS | Intel Celeron J4125 | Entertainment Laptop | 12GB RAM+256GB SSD”

I’ve sent an email to store at, as per information in earlier order emails from Chuwi.
If it will not be answered or there will be no satisfying solution proposed, I will open PayPal dispute on 3rd Jan.

I got a reply fast, and was proposed a little extra discount & keeping the laptop, as there is no J4125 model in the European warehouse. Well, either all EU-sold GemiBooks were not to the spec or J4125 sold out and only older model left.
Not perfectly happy, as with these low-power CPUs every bit of performance counts, but I accepted the offer and I think this case was handled properly by Chuwi.

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