Reimage of Larkbox Pro

Hello Forum,
unfortunally I 've had to reimage my LBPro. Windows 10 is build by MS Media Creation Tool, installation was easy but no audio drivers where found, Windows update and Intel drivertool did not solve the problem. I found some threads in this forum but non of the solutions or driver packages worked for me.
Does anyone know where to get a working installation media or image file? LB is the model with Celeron J4125.

Thanks for taking care.

After reviewing a lot of messeages I have found a working Mediafire link to the file “(WIN11)MP8C_CHUWI-EN_10Langs_Home_v1-1-1_22000-527.rar”. This installs Windows 11 Home, so the Problem above is solved…
The older messeages provide broken links, look for a new one!

Kind Regards, Rolf

I’m not sure how you manage to reinstall Windows 10 without audio driver since Windows 10 has integrated many generic drivers for all the important components, including audio. I’m referring here to full fledged Windows 10, because if you installed a modified/stripped down image of Win10 then yes - many drivers are missing. The same happened to me with Atlas OS(a open source stripped down version of Windows 10 x64, having 1.5GB in size, starting with around 40 services and 700MB RAM), but after I installed Intel’s video driver it also installed the audio driver.
So maybe that’s the answer in your case.

And yes, I have Chuwi HeroBox J4125, so the same APU.

Hi, it was easy to not have the audio driver. I’ve just used Microsofts Media Creation Tool, so a full installation media was provided. I have used Intel’s driver tool, since Vendor and Device ID’s from the Device Manager listed this - and I manually download the driver from the Intel Website, it did not find the device listet.
However, the Chuwi Image File stated in my message above solved the Problem.
Kind Regads, Rolf