CoreBox Pro Windows 10 Drivers!

Chuwi Post Windows 10 drivers for CoreBox Pro.

Reverting to 1909 with a recovery image and doing a driver backup with a free application will make you happy. However, the Sound driver will be happy with the LarkBox.

NO my friend.
I don’t wanna recovery image.
BUT only Drivers for this machine. I WANNA clean install windows 10.
I DON’T wanna recovery image with Chinese hidden Apps.
I know what going on. Maybe you NOT.

understood. Do you know which driver is missing? I think it’s like a Sound driver, a graphics driver, a wifi and a bluetooth driver. Do you need any other drivers you need? I updated from the os that was included by default, so am I lacking in understanding?

One of the methods to get the device driver, build it once with the recovery image, back up the device driver with free software, doubt the OS from microsoft and perform a clean installation. Wouldn’t it be easier if you built it using the device driver that was backed up after that? The graphics driver and wifi bluetooth driver should be downloaded and installed from Intel. However, only the sound driver has the LarkBox driver uploaded to the forum, so I think it’s easy to use. This is because it is difficult to use even if you install the sound driver in the backed up device driver. Ideally, you should download and install Realtek Audio Control from microsoft if possible, and use the backed up Sound driver instead of the LarkBox Sound driver if you can. The device driver you want is right in front of you Good luck