Requesting Gemibook drivers

Hi I can’t find the link for Gemibook drivers anywhere. Can you upload them?

Please find Backups of all non-Microsoft drivers here.

Two programs can be used to easily restore those drivers.
Double Driver -

I do not have access to BIOS dumping equipment. So you’ll have to wait for a response from CHUWI on that.


Thanks! This would work great for the time being.

Which of these drivers contains the driver for the touchpad? My laptop does not recognize the touchpad… It is also missing from the device manager in Windows 10.

The touch pad driver is just a generic Microsoft driver. It should show up in Device Manager as "HID-compliant mouse - Hardware ID: HID\VEN_HTIX&DEV_5288&Col01

As an aside, the uploaded drivers were pulled from 1 of the 2 units I’d purchased. I’m having major problems with the other unit, where the screen won’t even power on, and the unit is in a boot loop. I can’t even get into BIOS. BIOS was signed on 9/4/2020 which means the testing done on these units was minimal.

CHUWI’s lack of activity in these support forums, lack of a dedicated support page, and China based repair facilities indicate longevity does not seem promising.

If you’re already experiencing issues, my suggestion is to dispute it with AliExpress while you’re still within the protection period.

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Thanks, will dispute immediately on AliExpress. Luckily I expected poor quality and support so I bought using creditcard with consumer protection. So if AliExpress does not judge in my favour I’ll just issue a refund with my creditcard company. I recommend everyone to buy with creditcard just for the protection!

Here you are…

Thanks! Work great .

Excuse me, whats the specific driver to fix or instal if I have the problem with my touchpad. I can’t understan all drivers