Screen goes out when connected to wifi

After connecting to wifi the screen starts to turn on and off for couple seconds and then goes black. It is unusable after that. Is there an updated NIC driver or is it the screen?

looking for help.

Does it only happen when you connect to Wifi?
If you have the Wifi without connecting, you have no problems?

I can have have the NIC on and not connected. Yet as soon as I connect to a wireless hotspot the screen glitches for a moment showing ghost and double images, then it goes black.

Did you try to update the HD615 graphics driver?

My minibook have same issue and pending for replacement, i believe that it is hardware issue

I have not had internet while at the families over the holiday. Will try this now.

I only have this issue when i connect to wifi. If not connected then everything works like a champ.

I updated the display driver, no change. As soon as I connect to wifi the screen goes out. Sometimes it will pop back on but only for a moment.

Team, interestingly enough when I connect an external NIC to my minibook it is able to connect to the internet and the screen remain unaffected. (screen works when on the internet with external NIC)