Screen Protector? Buy?

Hi there, does any one know where I can buy a screen protector for the 12.3 Chuwi Ubook Pro?

Thanks much.

I used surface pro paper-like protector, it will not fully cover the whole Ubook Pro screen on the width side but the length is the same :sweat_smile:


Hi. Someone knows what kind of screen saver is the one to wear the factory pro uBook?

Thanks, ordered a glass protector,let’s see how that goes.

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As far as I know, Chuwi products are sold with screen protectors attached. I used the Chuwi Surbook mini and the protective film was of good quality and didn’t need to change.

yeah, but funny thing, if you try to draw, you will leave some nasty marks on the screen protector, because is plastic.

Guys, anyone knows if the tempered glass for the chuwi surbook works on the ubook pro? Both have 12.3" , do theybhave the same screen ratio?

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Did you tried this glass?

Since it is a touchscreen device you should definitely buy a protective glass.
After a lot of searching I found this…

It looks flawless on the tablet since it is specific to it.

They also have a matte finish … but I prefer a normal finish.