SD card problem

Hello the community,

i just bought a MicroSD card dedicated for my brand new HI10X, but when i put the SD it’s not block inside, it always expulse/extract, there is no little click/block SD as usual…

i try with multiple SD and it’s the same…;-(

my HI10X is new so i’m afraid it’s an hardware material problem… does any have the problem? or do you have any idea to solve it ?

thansk for your help

It should click & lock. It does take a bit of recessing before it will click through, so maybe you aren’t pushing it far enough in? I use a tooth-pick to click & release the SD card in mine.

If not, then it sounds like the retaining mechanism is broken, and you need to return it for a replacement.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

oh yessss it’s a very long click, it works with a pin ! thanks for the advice !


Glad to know it’s working :slight_smile: