Security update

Hi everyone, I have detected some security issues regarding the bios of the UBook X upgraded to Windows 11, I assume that other models are also affected. I checked through the INTEL C SME Detection Tool which reports the type of vulnerability found which suggests we contact the manufacturer to have a bios updated with the latest security patches. I am attaching a verification screenshot. I contacted Chuwi, let’s see their response. Has anyone encountered this problem? Where can the original bios be found?

I did on mine and it says the same thing. I’m not sure how it detects. I’m also using Windows 11. Anyone has this issue under Windows 10 as well?

same under Win10.

The problem does not depend on the windows 10 or windows 11 operating system, but on Chuwi’s failure to update the bios with the related security patches as detected by the INTEL tool. Chuwi support gave me a guide on how to update to Windows 11 but that doesn’t solve the problem. Does anyone have the original Ubook X bios available? Perhaps through special software tools it is possible to patch the original bios file. Anyone aware of it? I await the opinion of more experienced users.