Small Home Lab - VMWare ESXI 7.0.X - USB Fling - Chuiwi RZBox Ryzen 4900H

Hi All,

(The NICs are fully supported in PROXMOX though, if that’s your thing). I ran PROXMOX on it for a bit and it worked perfectly fine too.

If this machine had dual Intel NICs it would friggin amazing.

USB NIC (to use with USB Fling drivers): USB-C TP-LINK Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - RTL8153 0x2357 0x0601

To Note: The front USB-C port is USB 2.0. This will affect transfer speeds via the USB-C TP-Link NIC, in order to workaround this, you can put the USB NIC on the rear of the machine with a USB A to USB-C adapter: (or just buy the USB-A version of the adapter).

You cannot pass through the Radeon Graphics, although I only spent about 5 minutes on this so it may work with some more effort. This might work in 7.0.3 but since it’s pulled I cannot test it.

After install you can pass through the REALTEK NICs without issues.

I’ve already done the work and created the ISO for people here because I know integrating the USB driver is a HUGE pain in the ass:

Just write the ISO to a USB drive with Rufus.

Just a normal install from USB. Works perfectly. I installed it onto an SD Card in a USB Adapter in the other USB 3.0 port.

If you get “No network cards detected” or similar when installing, just reboot and try again. Sometimes the timing is a bit off and it does not detect the NIC during install. I’ve only had this happen once though.