Solid estate disc-Disco solido SSD. M.2-Run With Chuwi UBOOK -cwi-509

Hello everyone s I’m going to open this post pra put the SSd M.2 that I have tried together with Ruben that I know to work on our chuwi cwi-509
Hola a todos s voy a abrir este post pra poner los SSd M.2 que que he probado junto a Ruben que se que funcionar en nuestra chuwi cwi-509

1º western Digital blue M2 520Gb ssd. sata 3
2º samsung - EVO 860 M-2 256 gb ssd. sata 3
3º Intenso Top perfermance SSD M.2 480GB ssd M.2 sata 3
Estos tres solid state disc funcionar 100x100&% en nuestra chuwi cwi-509
These three solid state disc run 100x100% on our chuwi cwi-509