No eMMC, Boot from SSD

BIOS recognizes only M.2 SSD drive. Is this a new configuration? I received my m3-8100Y (16/512GB) yesterday.

Same here. My version is the m3 8100y with 256gb and 8gb. also showing m.2 ssd slot being occupied.

Would anyone from CHUWI answer my question? I assume M.2 SSD is now a boot drive, not eMMC. I need an additional step to clone my NVMe stick, though I don’t have a particular problem with the current M.2 SSD drive only setup.

EММС over 128Gb is much more expensive than SSD, so there is no point in installing EMMC.
If you need a clear answer about the various configurations, write to

No point may be for the manufacturer, but what’s sold is different from the advertized spec is another story.

In the store where you ordered specs was 512Gb EMMC or 512Gb SSD?

No such option to chose eMMC or SSD. It says 512GB SSD which is understood as SSD installed in M.2 slot, but doesn’t explain no eMMC.

Usually, if something is not indicated, then it is not installed :man_shrugging:

Chuwi always tells that it is a generic “SSD” (really unfair), and it’s not true. 128Gb is always eMMC. I don’t know bigger what it is. Please take a look to your SSD slot, if it’s empty or not. So we can do a kind of statistic.

my unit doesnt have any emmc storage. it only has one m.2 slot.

But you didn’t tell which version of minibook you own. Which one did you buy?

As aid before:

No point may be for the manufacturer, but what’s sold is different from the advertized spec is another story.

I am pretty sure it is the europe version. I bought it from gearbest which was shipped from hong kong.

Hi. I’ve bought a 83100y 512GB version from Indiegogo (after campaign end).
Today arrived my new NVMe 256GB hard disk, bought to add more space to my Minibook and speed it up.
Unfortunately I thinked that original 512GB drive was soldered to motherboard and M2 slot would be empty but instead it is occupied with the SSD where OS is installed.

  1. Now I have a faster hard drive but I cannot use it in combination with 512GB SSD…so my available space has been halved.

  2. How can I clone the drive with only one slot?

You dont need to clone the OS, You can try to install Windows as a normal computer and Install drivers from here.

If you really want to clone your OS, maybe A usb disk driver is a good idea