Minibook 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD The M2 port is occupied with the Win start SSD

I bought a used MiniBook with 16Gb RAM and 512GB SSD. Now I found out that the SSD is installed in the M2 expansion slot, there is obviously no internal SSD. Can it be that there is only 1X SSD in the Minibook and this disk is installed in the M2 slot, or is the internal disk defective and therefore the M2 SSD is present? In the bios, only this one SSD is shown under the “M” port?

1 SSD and 1 EMMC if i am not mistaken…

There is 128GB of EMMC memory in the Minibook. On this the OS is installed. You have the 512 GB Minibook edition. Then a 512 GB SSD is installed in the M2 expansion bay. But the OS (Windows) still is installed on the internal 128 GB EMMC memory, and not the m2 SSD The addition of the ‘512 GB’ solely is that Chuwi opened the lid, put an empty SSD in the M2 slot and closed the lid.

Miniboook: 128 GB EMMC
Minnibook (16GB+ 512 B) : 128 GB EMMC, plus 512 GB SSD

I would suggest to move the installation on the SSD. It will be faster.