My Minibook, 16GB RAM 476GB C:/ SSD Intel M3

Hi guys, so that I finally get my Minibook with this specs, 16GB RAM and 114GB of SSD by default, the speed inside Minibook is not that fast so I decide to upgrade the storage by purchasing NVME 2242 SSD
I keep looking around the fastest SSD and finally get one,

I also successfully booted this OS: Chromium OS and Ubuntu
during installation, the first screen is rotating 90degree and the BIOS setup to change and rotate the screen does not HELP at all, but I finished the installation and fix it the screen rotation from there.

Now, I decide to install and clone the Windows 10 from Minibook into my newest SSD and I want to make it my default main bootable system… and it works without any problem

I also replacing Minibook Charger with innergie charger, small compact USB C with 60w charges, it fast charge my Minibook… this is best setup for travelling and saving my editing to render on my PC later.

I also purchased JBL Go mini speaker, logitech bluetooth mouse, T5 Samsung SSD and mini foldable keyboard as accessories for Minibook.


thank you very much for telling us your experience

Why the extra keyboard??

@diden did your touchscreen work whjen you installed chromium ?

how did you fix the screen orientation? i’m using debian and can’t for the life of me set it right. please help