SSD MPC0320/0H1

Hi 2 all.
Can i use this ssd MPC0320/0H1 in my MiniBook?
I want to install linux on it and use two OS on my device?

Won’t fit, unless you use a hammer :stuck_out_tongue:
According the link given below the picture depicted is of the actual SSD. The connecctor is a mSATA conector (8 fins connnector, then a slot, then the (approx) 20 contacts.) The Minibook SSD slot connnector is depicted also below. It has 5 fins, then a gap in the connector. Therefore it won’t fit. What you need is a SSD like the bottom picture, that will fit the slot. It has a M2 slot, and both the m2.sata and M2.nvme will fit.
However, the n4100 CPU is not compatible with NVME while the M3-8100Y is. So a M2.sata will fit, and if you have the 8100Y thena m2.NVME also will fit and work.

The name of the SSD interface you’re looking for is M2 NVME. Your SSD has a msata,

Your proposed SSD.

Chuwi SSD slot

SSD compatible with the Minibook

In addition, both M2 connectors are depicted below,.

Thanks. It was my mistake.
My minibook still goin to me. So, i don’t have the device at the moment, but found ssd.