MiniBook X (Hole Punch Screen Model) SSD Connector Type?

Hi all -

I just ordered the MiniBook X (previous model with the hole punch display as I prefer it to the newer model), and I’d like to upgrade the SSD to a larger capacity. I know that this model uses SATA III (correct me if I am wrong there), but it’s not clear what the actual connector type is as there are a few.

Searching for SATA III SSDs on Amazon, it looks like most of them use the two-notch B+M connector type. I know there is a much older ‘mSATA’ connector type that has a notch somewhat in the middle (ish), but this is such an old connector, I am thinking that Chuwi is not using this in a 2022/2023 device.

I am eyeing this WD Blue SATA III SSD, but not sure if it will fit the MiniBook X (with Hole Punch Display) model as it has the B+M two notch connector:

Can anyone shed some light and maybe share their SSD upgrade experience for this particular (hole punch display) model?

It’s been frustrating trying to search this as many users only refer to their MiniBooks as MiniBooks, so it’s never really clear which particular model they are referencing as different SSD connectors are used in different models.

Thank you!

I think the connector is M.2. But I am not sure whether it’s NVME or SATA. I suggest you can run Crystak Disk Info to find out what is the current interface. Another suggestion is to write to ask them.