Stylus pen for Minibook(J4125)

I want to use Hipen3 for Minibook(J4125). But this pen is not sold anywhere.
Please tell me where to buy it? Or I want to know compatibility pen name.
Best regards,

They still seem to be available on Aliexpress:

Hi mobby,
Thank you your response. I purchased the H3 pen. Problem is compatibility unknown for Minibook 8.

Isn’t it the same thing? At least from a quick search I didn’t see a separate product “Hipen3”, it just seemed to be the same pen as Hipen H3. So I hope it’s fine :slight_smile:

Hi, mobby.
It’s for minibook(8100). It is not specified for Minibook(J4125). So, I wandered if H9(or H7, another pens) is usable.
Thanks a lot :smiley:

I bought this pen and it works perfectly with my Minibook 8 j4125.

Also for sale here