Tablet mode in Action bar

Hey all,

On my Chuwi Ubook X there was a button in the action bar for toggling tablet mode, which was quite useful for me. I recently noted that this button is gone, even if I do right click->Edit Quick Actions->Add .

Additionally, when I go to “Settings->Change Additional Table Settings” I get a red text saying “this device does not have touch capabilities”. The touchscreen however is working fine, with or without tablet mode.

Has anyone faced this problem? How do I put the tablet mode toggle button on the action bar?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Tablet mode was removed in Windows 11 by Microsoft, unfortunately.

According to many websites, it’s kind of an automatic change but you don’t have the Tiles design anymore.

“Tablet mode has changed in Windows 11. Unlike prior versions of Windows, which offered a manual toggle, Windows 11 makes tablet mode a fully (and only) automatic feature.
You can turn on tablet mode by physically converting your Windows 2-in-1 into a tablet. If your device has a detachable keyboard, remove it.”

Thanks a lot for the quick answer, but I am still using windows 10 21H2.

Welll. This is odd. I wonder if Microsoft also removed it in the latest updates from Win10. It seems yes.