Tablet mode switch in Linux


I’ve installed Arch Linux on Chuwi Minibook 8, everything is working except the damn tablet mode switch.

I see there’s a device with that capability:

-event8   DEVICE_ADDED     Intel Virtual Button driver       seat0 default group9  cap:kS
 event8   SWITCH_TOGGLE    +0.000s	switch tablet-mode state 1

But 1) it starts in tablet-mode, 2) never changes, and never emits changes.

I’ve been trying to dump all input events and still didn’t see the SW_TABLET_MODE event there.

Has anyone managed to make it work?

Did you ever find a solution to this? Having the same issue.

Some of good info you can see at this place

Nope :frowning: Still the same issue.

Strange that it’s stuck there. At some point I might get around to messing with whatever driver is handling the “Intel Virtual Button” subsystem to inspect whether the actual hardware is actually ever sending any state changes. But for now I found a workaround that at least stops libinput from disabling the keyboard due to the always-on tablet mode switch. I posted it here: Keyboard not working in Linux

For anyone running into this topic in 2024. I am trying to make an effort to set up an out of the box - work around solution for this problem.

At this moment I have my minibook working as a tablet, it’s still far from a clean solution but getting there.

For anyone interested:

We really appreciate you doing this. I apologize that our Company is not able to give a solution for Linux users at the moment.