Touchpad gesture software

Chuwi, please can you make some software for the gestures on the touchpad. I’d like to either turn them off without having to edit the registry or driver.

Agreed. The touchpad for the hi10 X is recognised as just a mouse in Windows yet it functions with all the gestures of a touchpad. What’s annoying is I’m constantly minimising windows with the swipe from top edge gesture because the touchpad is so small. I’d like to disable this particular gesture but can’t work out how.

Install AutoHotKey to disable certain gestures. That made my life so much better. What’s annoying me is making accidental touches on the touchpad while typing. I’ll be writing a document and suddenly, after accidentally hitting the touchpad with my palm, ill be typing somewhere else in the document messing everything up.
Ive been in touch with Chuwi tech support and where I’ve given them screenshots and sent them a video of the missing touchpad settings in Windows and they just keep telling me “We don’t see the problem”.

It’s no wonder there’s a bloody virus pandemic in their country, because they won’t acknowledge there’s a problem when there actually is.

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Where do you get the AutoHotKey from? My touchpad settings is missing too. Thanks so much :slight_smile: Mrs Wolfie

Thanks a bunch! I did download the autohotkey but not sure where to disable the touchpad settings.

Use the search function to browse the topics on this chuwi forum. There’s a few posts about it. You want to disable the Windows+d key combo.

I appreciate all the help. You’ve been Great! Thanks SO much!