Touchpad Driver


Is there a driver available for the touchpad attached to the keyboard of the Hi10 X? It is identified as a simple mouse but it has tons of gestures pre-enabled that are impossible to disable.
Also autohotkey hacks in the forum don’t really work because I use the hotkeys, I just can’t have take touchpad functionality and area away.
I like the form factor but without solution I will have to send it back.

Thank you

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

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Thank you. It is a Chuwi Hi 10 X with serial number ZHi 10XEW1H211103018. I’ve been back and forth with the Chuwi Spain Ali shop for the last week and a half to no avail. They provided a set of drivers and indicated a file that is related to the card reader from realtek not the touchpad.

I also have an error as seen in the attached picture, since the tablet was received.

The device selected is identified as being the one for the touchpad (but with no driver besides the generic):
vendor 1C4F pid 0063 at device hunt