Windows Sees Touchpad As HID-Compliant Mouse Instead Of Touchpad

Basically wondering if there is a way for Windows to actually know that there is a touchpad instead of defaulting to a mouse device. I’m using Windows 11, but the same issue existed in Windows 10. Under touch settings, Windows only gives options to enable or disable 3/4 finger gestures. None of the normal controls that you would expect for a touchpad are available because Windows doesn’t know that one exists.

Originally, I thought that the “TP Drivers” mentioned in the driver posts might refer to the touchpad. But of course, it seems to refer to “touch panel” instead which is apparently Chuwi-speak for the touch screen drivers. It would be really helpful if those driver lists used specific hardware names rather than vague abbreviations, but the drivers available in those posts don’t seem to include the touchpad anyway.

My best guess is that the touchpad is an ALPS-branded device with a hardware ID that starts with “VID_”. Most of the hardware for this Hi10 X seems to be identical to the discontinued Lenovo D330 which also has a Goodix touch screen and ALPS touchpad, and they actually seem to provide ALPS drivers. A look at the ALPS site shows that they do not provide drivers to end users and that if the touchpad drivers are removed, the device will continue to work by falling back to the basic Windows mouse drivers… which is exactly what seems to be happening on my Hi10 X. Did Chuwi ever release any drivers for the ALPS touchpad? Is there a way to get the Lenovo drivers to work in their place if Chuwi doesn’t provide any?

Yeah, that sucks a lot! I was trying to reverse the scrolling direction on mine and found too that it’s listed as mouse instead of a proper touchpad.

Tried ALPS driver from Lenovo and it didn’t work.