The problem after updating Intel Graphics driver(

After updating Intel graphics driver at, when i play MP4 video on google chrome browser, only graphics in Mp4 area on display is broken like wave pattern.
After then, Hi10x was freezed.
But this problem was resoluted after restoring the preinstall driver(
I should keep using preinstall driver(

Is there anyone who can use the latest version of the intel graphics driver at without problems?

Should I need to concern Hi10X was broken?
Should I need to consult Intel support center?

If possible, I want to use a driver at latest version.

The screen captures in the case of problem occurred.

Everything seems to indicate that the new controller is either not compatible with the hardware or has some conflict with Chrome. You must use the original driver until Intel resolves the existing conflict.

Thank you for your advice.
I might need to wait it until the Intel driver is supported.
I want to use the new function and hope that this issue will be resolved soon.

Today there is a new driver,

Thank you for your information.
Is your Hi10X more convinience by

Although I asked Intel customer center too, they said you should keep to use vender driver if it don’t have any problem.
And Windows® 10 DCH driver is only used ,if PC can’t execute and be supported by vender.

Therefore, I am concerned about updating to the new Windows® 10 DCH driver.
But if I update new Windows® 10 DCH driver and happen same trouble, I can back to old version driver.
I’ll try it later.

hola serias tan amable de compartir el controlador:, muchas gracias