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Hi super,
Again thank you so much for all your support to all the community I really appreciate :)!

I’m following already your amazing tutorial, but I stuck on the step 1, download provision…

So when you say “1, mobile enters QDLoader mode”…what you mean with this?

Btw…below are the steps that I have made it…

  • Install QPST Tool
  • Install SDK Manager
  • Install Universal Adb driver
  • Open the SDK tool on the cmd
  • Put the smartphone on the Fastboot mode
    when I’m checking the computer management I don’t see any Qualcomm HS-SUB…as on the image.

Can you please help me?

Really appreciate it.
Thank you



Hi manuelbrunopt,

This is how to enter QDLoader or Download mode for Qualcomm devices.

  1. download and install qualcomm hs usb QDLoader driver here.
    Choose 32bit or 64bit driver for Windows 32bit or 64bit
  2. On Hipad Pro, open Settings > Developer Settings > USB Debugging
  3. Connect Hipad Pro to PC via Type C cable. (Windows required)
  4. Open adb fastboot plaform tool > Enter this command
    adb devices
    Hipad Pro will ask permission to allow USB Debugging mode > choose Allow
  5. Enter this command
    adb reboot edl
    Hipad Pro will reboot to blank screen which is Download mode or QDLoader mode
  6. Open Control Panel > Device Manager > Port (Com & LPT)
    You will see Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (ComXX) Mine is Com10
  7. Open QFIL
    You will see the connection shows up with com port which has to be the same as shown in Device Manager

    Both screenshots are from my PC. So I can confirm these steps will make Hipad Pro enter QDLoader mode.

After this you can follow the steps for flashing Stock firmware via QFIL (Flash Tools) in the manual. At this point your Hipad Pro will be in QDLoader mode with blank screen. If you want to get out of this mode, hold volume down + power until the screen boot Chuwi logo. This will boot up and enter system.

I did not create this Stock firmware, just shared from Anathema from this post.

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Hey Super is trying to help us to solve our situation regarding our tablets!
So being mad and attack him, when his tablet is already working so this means that we didn’t need to search for solutions…and he still is doing the research for us…we should be really appreciate it.

About what happen with you…Did you try to enter on the recover mode and do a factory reset?

One question…how did you manage to see on the computer management to Qualcomm HS-USB?

And the second question how to enter on the QDLoader mode?

Thank you in advance for your time


hold volume down + power until the screen boot Chuwi logo.

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Super you are super man!

I was just replying here on the post at the same time as you :D!

Bro, thank you again…I will try to do some magic on the next days :)!

As soon as I have news I will come back to share.

Thank you again for all your time and effort on helping us.

You will lost your time and YOUR TABLET I made all you wrote and perfect and that firmware is corrupt.

If someone wants help I will reply but as I told you this firmware is corrupted. Manuelbrunopt if you want your pc recognize your tablet you must download [] after you install it you have to restart your pc and then press volume + volume - and power buttton at same time and just release the buttons and the tablet will turn on and then just stay like off but is in qload mode . You must do this with tablet off ofcourse and no cable connected to pc. I will upload a video showing you all these steps.

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Please don’t flash this stock firmware yet. Wait for the official release by Chuwi. I don’t want you to take risk for this.

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I have tried holding volume down + volume up + power. This led into a mode that is not QDLoader mode with blank screen. To get out of this is holding volume down + power until Chuwi logo shows up. As of now the only way to enter QDLoader mode is from my post here. If you really flashed the stock firmware that I had shared in the op, sorry you were in the wrong mode. And this would surely break your Hipad Pro firmware.

Anyways I don’t want anybody to take risk for flashing stock firmware that I had shared on this thread. So I removed all the info about this already.

I have done in the right way and believe me it is corrupt, just brick the device after did that

This firmware was obtained during negotiations with the seller on Aliexpress.

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Anathema thanks I know you are in 4pda forum too. But the firmware he gave you is bad I have followed all steps perfect( as shown in pdf file) but now my tablet is bricked, may be there are different versions of the firmware. May be the engineers upload a corrupt firmware and not the latest

Indeed sometimes i get this message and I select factory reset but brick persist

This link looks like official Chuwi file host on and seems trustable.
The seller of Chuwi official store on Aliexpress is probably the seller of Chuwi company.

If you are sure that you flashed the stock firmware correctly, can you check whether or not bootloader is unlocked via fastboot? If yes, you can flash GSI ROM. This error is just the system that cannot boot up.

The bootloader is locked

I have written a lote of times to from different e-mails and no body reply, since 1 month ago to get stock firmware.

So I just lost my tablet because they are no going to give support.

If someone can help me I will really appreciate.

Thank you for updating for now the Post.

Let’s wait for an official firmware so…

But just to understand super, the guide that you so nicely had translate, what was the purpose? was to unlock the tablet or something else?

Btw…do you have any idea where I can get the windows drivers for our model?
I’m asking that, because I saw in many forums that the way to unlock the tablet via adb…with the commands that you had provide in previous POSTS I need it to have the windows drivers for the model! Or I’m wrong?

Thank you for your time and again for all your support.