Installation guide for Android via USB

I have to install a new OS on my four year old Chuwi Hi10 Pro dual OS tablet PC, because windows 8.1 crashed and the Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter doesn’t work anymore. I tried any options to reinstall the driver, but it does not work. So there is absolut no Network/Internet activity … same problem with android.

After contacting the Chuwi support, they sendet me a link for downloading and installing windows 8.1 and/or Android 5.1.

I would like to install Android — not windows again — but I don’t know how I can do this via USB-stick and without internet connection of the tablet.

Any idea where I can find a kind of installation-guide for »Android to Hi10 Pro via USB-stick«?

Greetings from Thailand,

Android must be installed through a connection with a PC and with the Intel flash tool.I’m going to find a guide for it.

Greetings from Spain

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Thank you so much, but this installation does not work for me, because I don’t have a PC which I could connect with the tablet.
I have only an Mac mini which is not compatible with the Hi10 Pro … a connection between the devices is not possible.

It looks as if there is no solution for me. :slightly_frowning_face:
• Windows 8.1 crashed (and I don’t want it again)
• Android installation does not work, because I don’t have a PC to connect the tablet
• Even linux does not work (chuwi support told me, that linux systems are not compatible with Hi10 Pro).

Is there any other OS left which can be installed via USB-stick on Hi10 Pro? :roll_eyes:
What is with Remix OS?

try installing a viruele machine on your mac