Windows 8 install

hello, i have a quick question could i install on my chuwi hi 10 pro windows 8 over usb or will something not work anymore?

Q1 Yes
Q2 Yes

If you installed Windows 8 you would need Windows 8 versions of the hardware drivers.

  • I don’t know if Chuwi provide those but I doubt it because I think the Hi10 Pro has always been a Windows 10 device.
  • I doubt very much that anybody else will provide the drivers [for at least some of the hardware].

I do wonder why you would consider such a thing anyway. Windows 10 has always run very nicely on my Chuwi Hi10Pro [albeit slowly compared to my other computers but its speed of response is hardly ever evident for common tasks such as word processing, straightforward spreadsheets, straightforward database work, email, web browsing [but in this regard I should add that I bought the integrated keyboard for my Chuwi and I use a faster WiFi card plugged into the USB connections on the keyboard unit].


Hallo Try3.

Old topic however I would like to add my experience.
Well win8 maybe are quite old OS but after so many years I am using chuwi hi 10 pro I decided to play with them.

The new updates of windows 10 make my chuwi very heavy.

Recently again I reinstall win 10 slim as well as the application …stop updates. and I rediscover again chuwi.

But the greatest surprice was when I install for dual boot windows 8.1.

Amazing performance quite comfortable so that I realy regret so many years not try to use earlier windows 8.1.

No problem with installation and mainly no bloatware. The minimum bloatware I found was very easy to remove it.

I am very happy on it and how easy I do my job. I only have 2 minor problems with drivers which don’t affect the performance or the fanctionality.

These are

a. the power manager where I cannot see how much power left(only this)
b. the sound card which works only with headset.

Personally I can work easy with windows 8.1 and if I need to hear sound I am using my headset.

We dont have Win 8 :frowning: but i appreciate you guys informing about this. Because i am sure other users may have the same doubts