How do you boot from usb-stick?

I’m trying to install ubuntu but can’t because the BIOS firmware does not have Select Os.
So even if I select the usb-stick in BIOS it does not boot. Only shows static underscore _ on screen when booting.
Please help me find a solution!

I found a solution to bypass the bios using isorespin script that changes the iso that you are trying to install.
So I am now enjoying my new Chuwi laptop with linux :slight_smile: Chose option for apollo lake (–apollo) it works for the gemini lake processor also.


I encourage you to do a tutorial and publish it in this forum, it will help other interested users.

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There is a detailed tutorial in the link in the second post.

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tank you

I’ve an SSD with dual boot Windows and Linux, but can’t boot into linux and displays exactly the same black screen and underscore _ on the top left side of the screen, do you know if there’s another solution apart from installing the whole operating system again with this isorespin solution?

Isorespin is for all derivatives of ubuntu and works very well. I now have manjaro on the laptop and did not need any modification for the install. You could try that and see if it works.

If my SSD has already my “all life Linux” partition installed, do you think there’s a way for me to use this isorespin and detect it without wiping the whole data?

Got the solution for the underscore _

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If you are interested in getting coreboot BIOS support please post in this thread.

Anybody get Chuwi Lapbook Pro keyboard to work in BIOS?
Mine does not work, I cannot even get into BIOS without plugging in external USB keyboard.
Somehow the Lapbook Pro keyboard does not register ESC/DEL keys!!!

Problem is I cant make this Lapbook Pro keyboard work before OS loads. Meaning booting any Linux USB, I cannot select anything in GRUB/LILO loaders since damn keyboard does not work, and the Lapbook Pro only has ONE USB-A connector…

Please don’t suggest using an external USB hub… What BIOS settings fixes the onboard keyboard?