LapBook Pro Screen Calibration Rec. 709 Profile Download

Hello! I’m new here! Our LapBook Pro has one of the best screen LCD IPS display in the market. I decided to calibrate it manually without using any hardware. Calibrated purely on calibration materials and some guides/patterns online by sight. I’m happy to share my calibration but it only works with Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel. Not the one from the Windows Store. I think this graphics driver is far more stable in terms of adjusting the video settings. If happen that your control panel is from the Windows Store. I suggest uninstalling it first including the display adapter driver. After that reboot and run the Windows Update.

Here is the download link:!AptWHw1AyWHui-8EsKG6Q8mnAxH9QA?e=Vvkd2H

This settings applies to:
Display Panel
Video and

To apply simply open the profile that you have downloaded or go to: Options and Support > Profiles > Import > Locate the profile downloaded and apply.

Make sure that the settings for video playback under Windows 10 is set to automatically process video to enhance it. Also Uncheck the lower resolution if it is checked. Lastly under battery options it must be optimized for video quality.

Windows Settings > Apps > Video playback > Locate settings

This calibration only applies to Rec. 709 and not for HDR content playback. Your display panel might be slightly different due to manufacturing properties.

Thank you for sharing.:heart:

come mai bisogna calibrarlo?