Herobook loses D: drive

It took 2 weeks to discover the hard drive has 2 partitions. Now that I have moved all docs, photos etc to the D: drive, it frequently disappears. When I finish with a doc and want to save it to the D drive (where I opened it from), it no longer exists. This is causing some very high anxiety and anger from frustration. WHY is this happening and how do I stop it?

Me too!

I had my SD card as D: drive. It kept disappearing. And if that wasn’t awful enough, a “zip archive” error message kept popping up, I assume because i had zip files on the SD card.

I looked up the fix for this… seems you have to assign it a drive letter, other than D.

My SD card reader is non-existent. Once again, I’m blowing away t

I don’t have an SD card in it (yet). I don’t know how to change the drive name. Afraid I’ll screw it up. For now, I’m saving to my desktop and then to my Google drive, but that’s not practical.