Herobook Pro notebook, does not recognize the sound card

Hi, I bought the Herobook Pro notebook formatted by upgrading to Windons 10 pro with an active license without backing up the drivers, after formatting it no longer recognizes the sound card, it is as if the device was not installed, I reinstalled the SO but the same problem remains, please what do I do?
I don’t have much computer knowledge

When you do a clean reinstallation of the operating system, you must install the drivers that you can find in the official thread of the herobook in this forum

Hello, thanks for your answer, I searched the forum and found this link for the Herobook notebook drivers pro https://www.mediafire.com/folder/y8d6ediwi4r7m/驱动

but I have little knowledge and I don’t know how to proceed, can you help me?

Point 8 this tutorial: [TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors)

Hello, I did the whole procedure that is in point 8 of the tutorial you gave me, and even then he doesn’t find the drive in the folder I downloaded the drives from, the strange thing is that it shows that the Sound Drive is installed, but it appears in “other devices” 3 components that the drives are not installed, and these are the ones that were not found

the language is portuguese Brazil

Go to those devices, right mouse button, update driver

The people on here are brilliant they helped me with driver problem on my herobook pro i downloaded the drivers from the mediafire link and all sorted
top help

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Hi, thank you for your attention.
I did just that. I downloaded the drives from another computer, saved it to a flash drive and connected the flash drive to the herobook pro, then right-clicked on the devices to update the drives by selecting the folder where the downloaded drives were, but he doesn’t find any drives to install. I repeated the procedure, downloaded the drives again and did everything again but he still doesn’t find any driver

As I understand it, I should take this hero pro notebook that I bought and throw it in the trash, since even its support can’t solve a problem that doesn’t even seem to me to be a Driver, but audio hardware.

Point 8 this tutorial: [TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors)

I already answered that.

I did exactly what you ask in point 8 of this link’s tutorial, downloaded the drivers and then clicked with the right mouse button to update the devices by selecting the folder where the drivers were downloaded, but it doesn’t find anything