Upgrade m.2 sata sdd question


I have just purchased the herobook pro and want to update the m.2 sata sdd.

When I swapped the one that came with the laptop with my new m.2 sata ssd and installed Windows from my usb drive, it says it couldn’t find the correct drivers.

I have searched the whole forum, and I have downloaded some files, but I still don’t understand what the exact steps are to get this working.

I would appreciate it if someone could just tell me in detail what steps I need to take. It doesn’t has to go into loads of details, but so far I can’t even figure out what step one is.



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really bad, some mounths after e nothing… bro, i have a solution if you yet need…

why not clone your 1° system to the new M.2? maybe can solve this problem… on the site is really bad to descovery the drivers and its most probably you let your tablet crash totally