I need help, i have a chuwi hi10


I need the drivers and windows for a chuwi hi10 model q64g42161104262

Is it dualboot or single boot?

Its dualboot

Windows (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Windows for 1611 Download:

Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Driver for 1611 Download:

Sorry for my later answer but when i try install the sistem operative that have 2 usb
i have this error

Have you renamed the pendrive to WINPE?

Thank you i renamed the pendrive to WinPE and work but now i have other error

Dont found the install.win that is the usb2 this usb need other name or the install.win i have that move to a folder?.

if you use 2 pendrive, both must be renamed to WINPE