I want Install Windows10 on chuwi hi 10 x

My son me format Windows Show error i install Windows Standard not support
chuwi hi10 x
s/n = Hi10XQ128GH62045920

Chuwi Hi10X is compatible with any Windows 10. Couldn’t your child not install it correctly?

Note.- In order for the Windows OEM license to work, you have to install Windows 10 Home 64-bit Multilanguage

Windows Standard not support I install Windows Standard cannot Say Windows Original Chuwi Hi10X

I want Download Windows Original Chuwi Hi 10 X Windows Standard no have Keyboard On Display and Rotate screen Automatic

Friend, to sentence you must have knowledge. Standard Windows 10 is fully compatible with your tablet, but if you choose to install the clean system, then you must manually install the drivers for non-Intel devices. He is a first-time computer user. This is why I told him that I was not doing well.

The Windows rom you download from this forum for your tablet model already includes the drivers.

You can read the way to install the drivers in point 8 of this tutorial:

You No Have Link download Windows10 on chuwi 10 X ???

The installation mode is very simple.