Charging issues with H12

Hi all
I was using this forum when first got my H12 and there were a lot of topics and forum looked very different. I read that the migration is taking place but since that post was in September figure Ill ask now
My H12 seems to be stuck on 55% when charging and I had the same issue a long time ago and there was a posting about charging issues in old forum.
Anyone from old days can lend a hand and direct me on correcting this issue which was corrected back then ?

To calibrate on Windows you must do the following:
Calibrating the battery means recharging it to its maximum capacity and adjusting the battery indicator to show the charge level accurately.

The battery meter in the Windows system tray may not indicate the battery charge correctly when the laptop is new or has not been used for a long time.

Follow the steps below to calibrate the battery power meter.

Connect the AC adapter and allow the battery to charge between 99% and 100% of its capacity.

Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop.

Click Start and type Energy Options in the search field and press Enter.

Select Create a power scheme from the left sidebar.

Click in the combination name field, type Calibrator. Then press Enter.

Select Never for all items in the column With battery.

Click Create to accept the values ​​and force the battery to always discharge.

Let the battery discharge completely until the laptop turns off.

NOTE: The battery power meter is now calibrated and the battery level reading must be accurate.

Connect the AC adapter and turn on the laptop.

After calibration, return to the Power Options dialog box (Step 3) and select your default power combination settings.

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Hi thanks for this reply but let me ask since I plugged in unit to charge and the led which indicates charging stops blinking after X time period and then when turning on laptop booting into Windows the battery shows only 55% and then going to Android it shows 100 or 99 percent so does that mean it did indeed charge to its capacity and I must recalibrate the meter in windows as you explained here?

Yes, that in Android it indicates 100% and in Windows 55 it tells us that you have to calibrate the battery in Windows so that it marks the same value as in Android

Superb and thanks again for this info about correcting the calibration of the windows battery meter