Hi12 flash files and battery

Hi my hi12 serial is Q64G2160910456
Can I have the correct files to flash and update.
Windows and android

And my battery is charging really really slow what should I do?

Hello,you can searh like this.

Hi mine is dual boot I cant seem to find for the exact version of mine. Please assist thank you

The files that you will find in the official thread of your tablet are the originals that came preloaded when you bought it. There are no Android update files since there is no system higher than 5.1 for a dual tablet. Android 5.1 will not receive any more updates.
As for Windows, it must be updated through Windows update and it will provide you with the latest version of Windows 10 Home.

As for the battery, if it charges slowly it may be due, firstly, to the charger not working properly, so you should try charging with another charger of the same power and voltage and, secondly, to the fact that the battery is starting to give signals exhaustion. If after charging it still lasts for several hours, I am more inclined to charger failure.

Can you what’s the exact power or the exact charger I need for this tablet. I’ve tried a variety of cables and charger and nothing does it for me I cant get it to charge at all literally needs 3 days for full charge. And finishes in few hours

I do not remember for sure but I think I remember that it is a standard 5V and 2A charger. You can check this by looking at the label on the original charger. In case you are using a charger other than the original one with less power, it would be the reason that it took so long to charge. Any mobile charger has these characteristics

I am looking at the original charger now, it is a 5V x 2A. With the original 18AWG cable, charging time is around 6-7 hours from 20 to 100%, a well-known complaint from Hi12 users.

Hi hmcheng542
Is there any bios update you have done since u bought it. I havent update it since I’ve had my hi 12.
Is there any bios update available?

There was one BIOS update for correcting some wifi issue. However, early on, a number of users reported bricking the tablet with the update, so no one does it anymore.

Owh okay tha is for the info @hmcheng542 and @manonegra222

No, there are no Bios updates, the Bios that may have been published correspond to new versions of the same model and could block your device