Драйвер на тач пад

Help me Need a driver for a touch pad!!!SOS SOS!!!
Хелп, нужен драйвер на тач пад. Переустановил с 11 на 10. Нигде не могу найти!!
GemiBook XPro Серийный номер JGeBXPCY1H230300179
Решено. driversbackup.zip - Google Drive
Распаковать в C:\Drivers.
От имени администратора открываем командную строку
pnputil.exe /add-driver C:\drivers*.inf /subdirs /install

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Я в такой же ситуации.
Откажитесь и подключите мышь к XPro.
Или купите другой, сделайте резервную копию драйверов и установите его.

do you have a driver for the touchpad?

Let’s give up the lost driver, buy another XPro, make a backup of the driver and install it.
Or wait until a generic driver for that chipset is available.

genius idea.Rofl :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I contacted CHUWI Japan Support regarding this matter, but the response was that they would return the item for an exchange.

I’m afraid Chuwi modify Universal branded drivers brands you would have heard of in the past this meaning you have an impossibly hard time of installing or updating drivers!!!

Even more annoying Chuwi does not release a drivers folder or zip to make for install like every other computer brand.

Chuwi will always work there “own rules” and “own way”

I did write a detailed report about chuwi as a whole with many points for them to approve sadly this got deleted of the forum :frowning:

I will not provide as much details in future or offer my advice I will merely enjoy my mid matched hero book pro for what it is a high power laptop with “a poor up bringing”

Best thing I can suggest is try your restore points in the windows security :slight_smile: good lick